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Launching new product small egg nest
single chicken single cage automatic egg collection, safe and efficient, humanized design improves the safety of chickens greatly and increases egg production.
Single chicken and single cage automatic egg collection, safe and efficient, humanized design greatly improves the safety of chickens and increases egg production.
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Small egg nest
Feeding chickens on both sides greatly improves the space utilization rate and upgrades the egg transfer channel to ensure the quality of egg collection.

The main material of the egg-laying box body is galvanized steel plate, equipped with a galvanized bottom net and various egg box bottom pads. The cabinet is sturdy and durable, and it is convenient to wash; on the one hand, the special egg nest bottom pad effectively avoids the cracking and damage of the egg due to its softness. At the same time, the contact surface of the nest pad and the egg is reduced, and the cleanliness of the egg is correspondingly improved; Bolong’s special underlay adds an "easy leakage design" to maximize the convenience of chicken manure leakage, avoid the accumulation of manure on the straw mat in daily use, and make it easier to wash and clean after being eliminated.

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