Sludge treatment method
03 - 15 - 2021

First, we should define the concept of sludge. Broadly speaking, sludge includes sewage sludge (that is, municipal sludge, the product of sewage treatment by a municipal sewage treatment plant, including primary sludge, residual sludge, and sludge from some grit tanks, etc.). ), industrial sludge (the product of industrial wastewater treatment, which has different properties due to different sources of industrial wastewater, such as oil and certain substances, etc.), pipe network sludge (sludge from pipeline dredging), water supply sludge Mud (sludge from waterworks) and river and lake bottom mud (such as the bottom mud dug out by dredging a river).


Generally speaking, we refer to sewage sludge. This sludge is common, closed in nature and large in production. The main methods of sludge treatment are incineration, land use, high-temperature intelligent sludge treatment, etc., high-temperature intelligent sludge Treatment is an environmentally friendly method, and relevant standards are becoming stricter. For example, the content required for sludge treatment cannot exceed 70%. Sludge incineration methods include existing waste incinerators, industrial incinerators, thermal power plant incinerators, cement kilns, mixed incineration and separate incineration. Its advantages mainly include sludge reduction, stability and harmlessness. Products incinerated in cement kilns can be used directly in the form of cement, while ashes produced by incineration in other ways can be used as supplements for building materials.

图片2.pngSo what is high-temperature smart sludge treatment? What is high-temperature smart sludge treatment? High-temperature smart sludge treatment equipment is a kind of high-temperature aerobic fermentation into organic fertilizer. Energy saving and environmental protection, mainly using microbial thermal power to assist electricity, three-stage atomization and deodorization, the exhaust air can fully meet the standard, greatly reducing harmful gas emissions and environmental pollution, fully meeting the requirements of modern green ecology and environmental protection, and can treat urban waste Waste waste is processed into organic fertilizer through high-temperature aerobic sterilization and fermentation!

The high-temperature intelligent sludge treatment equipment has wide adaptability, both in the north and south, and is not affected by temperature. Even in cold areas in the north, because the high-temperature intelligent sludge treatment equipment is made of 304 stainless steel, it has good sealing properties and can still be fermented in winter. Bolong's high-temperature intelligent sludge treatment equipment has a fast fermentation speed, and the fermentation can be completed in 7 days under normal circumstances, which greatly saves time, energy and material consumption.

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