Harmless treatment of wet chicken manure
03 - 15 - 2021

my country’s agricultural country has a large number of farmers. With the progress of the times, there are more and more farmers in the country, so problems will follow. The environmental protection issues of farmers have been raised, such as wet chickens in chicken farms. How should feces be treated in a harmless manner to meet environmental protection standards? What are the methods for the harmless treatment of wet chicken manure? Let's take everyone to see it together.

Chicken manure is a good fertilizer for the farming industry. The wet chicken manure is decomposed and fermented and transformed into bio-organic fertilizer through a harmless treatment process. Fertilization in the planting industry can add value to increase production and bring very considerable benefits. So someone has to ask, does the wet chicken manure need to be treated in a harmless manner to be fertilized? What is the effect of the harmless treatment of wet chicken manure? What is the harm of incorrect treatment of wet chicken manure?


The value of harmless treatment of wet chicken manure:

According to testing, the content of the three elements of chicken manure is equivalent to 4.5 to 7.7 times that of cow manure! Chicken manure is a relatively good organic fertilizer after fermentation. Harm of direct fertilization of wet chicken manure without harmless treatment:

Wet chicken manure contains E. coli, parasites and other harmful bacteria, which can easily breed crop diseases and insect pests when entering the soil. Incompletely fermented chicken manure will not only produce heat and harmful gases, which will cause crops to burn, but will also consume oxygen in the soil, leading to temporary hypoxia. In addition, chicken manure is acidic, which will increase soil acidification and cause crop diseases. The harmless treatment of wet chicken manure, compared with pig manure, cow manure and other livestock manure, chicken manure is often higher in chicken manure antibiotics and heavy metals, and wet chicken manure harmless treatment antibiotics mainly come from feed. Due to the high breeding density, high requirements for fighting epidemics, the relatively large amount of antibiotics used in livestock, and the added antibiotics in the digestive tract of chickens are more likely to be spread through feces.

The correct methods for the harmless treatment of wet chicken manure are as follows:


Traditional fermentation method: traditional fermentation, then traditional wet chicken manure fermentation (open air) usually takes 1 to 3 months to decompose, the surrounding foul smell is unpleasant, mosquitoes and flies breed in large numbers, and environmental pollution is very serious. Researches at home and abroad using starter fermentation show that adding specific microbial flora to chicken manure can effectively promote the degradation of organic matter, accelerate the maturity of wet chicken manure, and at the same time help eliminate odorous substances and reduce environmental pollution.

Use wet chicken manure harmless treatment of organic fertilizer fermentation: organic fertilizer fermentation is harmless treatment of wet chicken manure, environmental protection, closed fermentation, no odor, Bolong brand chicken manure harmless treatment fermentation tank processing equipment can meet A variety of organic waste is fermented, and it can be directly put into the tank for wet chicken manure fermentation treatment without adding any auxiliary materials. The use of microorganisms is easy to feed fermentation, which can effectively treat chicken manure in areas with different temperatures.

The entire wet chicken manure harmless treatment equipment structure is divided into three parts. The lower base part is distributed with hydraulic stations, scroll air pumps, oil cylinders, heating systems and mixing shafts. The middle part is a double-layer insulated tank, equipment automatic control system, Outlet device, etc., the inner wall of the pan is lined with 304 stainless steel plate, which effectively prolongs the life of the tank and reduces the residual clinker. There is an insulation layer filled with polyurethane foaming agent in the middle, and the outer wall is made of thick steel plate to support the tank; the upper part is made of It is composed of shelters, detection platforms and exhaust facilities. The ancillary equipment includes automatic tipping bucket elevator, exhaust gas filtering and deodorizing system and heat exchange system device.

It is very important to do the harmless treatment of wet chicken manure in a reasonable and correct manner. To contribute to environmental protection, only the farms that meet the environmental protection requirements can continue to develop in a sustainable manner, and at the same time, they can bring themselves a profit.

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