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10 - 27 - 2021

Organic fertilizer fermenter: How to do fertilizer with fermented soybeans, how is the effect? \u200b\u200b

Step 1: 1 bottle of Mei Sheng Le Bacteria + 1 kg brown sugar + 15 kg water, the seal is placed for 3-7 days, and it is activated.

Step 2: After activation, dilute 20-50 times with water is mixed with yellow beans to ferment.

Step 3: Seal the mixed soybean bag (bucket), can be fed 2-7 days.

Notes: The soy fermentation process is anaerobic fermentation, requiring a seal to be completed and cannot be contacted with oxygen.

The biggest difference in fermentation and other chemical industries is that it is a chemical reaction carried out by organism. The main features are as follows:

1. The fermentation process is generally a biochemical reaction under normal temperature, and the reaction is safe, and the conditions are also relatively simple.

2, the raw materials used in fermentation are usually mainly based on starch, molasicles or other agricultural and sideline products, as long as a small amount of organic and inorganic nitrogen sources can be reacted. Microorganisms can choose to use the nutrients it needs due to different categories. Based on this - characteristics, wastewater and waste can be used as a fermentation of raw materials for biological resources and update.

3, the fermentation process is completed by the automatic adjustment method of the organism, and the specificity of the reaction is strong, and thus the metabolite product can be obtained.

4, due to the reaction mechanism of the biological body itself, it is possible to selectively and highly selectively oxidize, reduction and other chemicals. Transformation reactions can also produce complicated polymer compounds.

5, in general, special control of the production of hemurides is required during the fermentation process. Usually, the method of controlling the fungi is to perform rigorous disinfection processing of the equipment, fermentation of air heating and sterilization operation and as much as possible. Typically, if heterogeneous or phage is contaminated during the fermentation process, it will affect the fermentation process, resulting in reduced yield of the fermentation product, serious, and even result in failure of the entire fermentation process, the fermentation product is required to fall.

6, microbial strains are the fundamental factors of fermentation, screening through variations and strains, can achieve high-yielding excellent strains and make the production equipment to be fully utilized, and even conventional Methods of difficulties are difficult to produce.

7, industrial fermentation compared to ordinary fermentation, the control of the fermentation process is more stringent, and the fermentation technology is more mature, andLarge-scale mass production

Based on the above features, industrial fermentation is increasingly attracted.Modern fermentation engineering is more superior in addition to the above fermentation character compared to conventional fermentation processes.In addition to using microorganisms, it is also possible to use animals and vegetative cells and enzymes, and the reaction can also be reacted with artificially constructed \"engineering\"; the reaction equipment is not just a conventional fermentor, but a wide variety of bioreactors.In order to improve the level of automation, the level of fermentation has improved and innovative on the original basis.

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