The coup of chicken manure treatment
03 - 15 - 2021

The chicken manure treatment methods on the market are also varied and endless. Many breeders have tried many methods to treat chicken manure, but the effect is still very small. Therefore, here are some commonly used chicken manure treatment methods, hoping to provide help for the majority of farmers.

So how should the chicken manure treatment method of the farm be done? What are the benefits of chicken manure treatment in the farm? What should be paid attention to in the treatment of chicken manure in the farm?

Chicken manure treatment method 1: chicken manure power generation

In recent years, biological treatment methods have become more and more popular, and power generation by fermentation tanks has gradually been promoted. Chicken manure power generation has also become a general direction of chicken manure treatment. Of course, the important thing is not power generation, but the problem of chicken manure treatment can be solved.

Chicken manure treatment method 2: chicken manure pit storage method

At present, the simple way to dispose of chicken manure is to directly dispose of it to the surrounding growers or farmers. After receiving the chicken manure, they will use ordinary pit storage methods to simply dry the chicken manure and use it as chemical fertilizer. In the countryside, we often see such piles of chicken manure. Chicken manure is rich in organic fertilizers, which are rich in organic elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If necessary, you can also choose to follow the WeChat public account "Animal Husband", more practical breeding information is waiting for you. This chicken manure treatment method is used in farmland, can also maintain ecological health, and can also increase crop yields.

Chicken manure treatment method 3: used as a raw material for biogas digesters


It is a popular way for farmers to treat chicken manure in recent years as the raw material for the gas pool. When they are used as biogas digesters, they will grow very large. Biogas can be used for living. The residue of biogas can be used as fertilizer, so useless chicken manure can be used to a limited extent, and the value of chicken manure is also improved. In addition, this is also a good way to treat chicken manure. Many farmers know that the smell of chicken manure is very pungent, and the use of a biogas digester can reduce the smell of chicken manure. The fermentation time of chicken manure is also very fast, which can basically be completed in more than half a month, so as to clean up the chicken manure and take advantage of the chicken manure. In this method of chicken manure treatment, it is only necessary to collect chicken manure from some chicken houses on a regular basis and send it to the biogas digester at a fixed time.


In order to reduce environmental pollution caused by breeding, make better use of the nutrients in chicken manure, and ensure the sustainable development of the poultry industry, it is proposed to use organic fertilizer fermentation tanks to ferment poultry manure to achieve a breeding model of resource recycling and sustainable development. Fermentation of poultry manure using organic fertilizer fermentation tank has many advantages such as fast fermentation speed, good fertilizer efficiency and simple operation.

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