Phosphate and mineral powder and organic fertilizer which are better (how is the effect compared to
09 - 19 - 2021

Phosphorus mineral powder is made of directly pulverized by phosphorite. Its mainly is fluorique [CA10 (PO4) 6F2] secondly with chloroatite and hydroxide. Its phosphorus is very different due to different differences in the origin, with a high degree of more than 30%, and only about 10% low. Generally, a gray brown powder, neutral response, belongs to difficult soluble delayed motivation.

The fat effect of phosphorus mineral powder depends mainly on the content of effective phosphorus, and the more high fertilizer effects of effective phosphorus. It is recognized that the best phosphorite powder is a Cacus phosphor powder from Northern Nonis, which has more than 60% of the solubility (citrate rate), so it is particularly good. Most of my country's phosphorus powder has a medium or more solubilization rate (10 ~ 20%). The phosphorus ore powder made of limestone phosphorus and bird manure phosphorus is high, because its main component is triphostium [CAZ (PO4) 2]. Phosphorus deposits with lower solt rates are generally not suitable for direct administration of phosphorus mine powder.

Second, the fat effects of phosphorus mineches are related to crop species. Various crops absorbs the ability to use phosphorus mine powder. According to the Nanjing Soil Research Institute, the phosphorus mineral powder and calcium phosphate in the red soil region showed that the fat effects of phosphoric acid, radish dish, and buckwheat sects were extremely significant; scorpion, peas, rice beans, peanuts, purple clouds Ying et al. Is significant; corn, potato, sweet potato, Toan, sesame, etc.

Further, the soil properties are also closely related to the fat effects of phosphorus mineral powder. The most important of which is the soil effective phosphorus content and soil acidity. The effective phosphorus content is high, and the fat effect of phosphorus mine powder is low, and only the fat effect of phosphorus powder is more significant in the absence of a low effective phosphorus content. The solubility of the phosphorite powder increases with the decrease in the pH of the soil, so only the phosphorus mineral powder in acid soil is significant.

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